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Russian invader promised to surrender, but suddenly started shooting

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine surrounded an entire unit of the enemy.

The Ukrainian military showed footage of the cleansing of the territory from the Russian invaders. The fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine found the lair of the invaders, thanks to which, probably, they managed to replenish the exchange fund. Immediately upon being taken prisoner, one of the Russians opened fire.

The video was published by StratCom APU .

The Russian military, it seems, were surrounded by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so the only chance for them to survive was captivity. It is beneficial for Ukraine to take the invaders prisoner in order to later release their own defenders.

The Ukrainian military offered to surrender to the Russians hiding in the house, and they accepted the conditions so as not to become “200”. It is not known exactly where the cleanup took place.

The Russians, one by one, left the house without weapons and lay down on the ground. The Ukrainian military adhered to the agreement and did not open fire on them.

However, one of the invaders vilely violated the agreement: he came out with a machine gun and started firing at our defenders. It is reported that the Ukrainian military was injured.

What happened to the rest of the captured invaders after the shooting is also unknown.

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